Wrap It Up has a flat, standard fee of $10 per gift.

This standard fee includes ribbon, bow, gift wrap, and gift tags. Adding a box costs an additional $2.00. Adding embellishments costs an additional $1.00 per embellishment.

For orders of 5 or less, the cost of supplies may be included.

For orders of 5 or more, bulk discounts apply.

5-9 Gifts – 5% Discount
10-14 Gifts – 10% Discount
15-29 Gifts – 15% Discount
30-99 Gifts – 20% Discount
100+ Gifts – 25% Discount

There is a $5 pick up and delivery fee.

Wrap It Up reserves the right to increase prices based on size of gift (i.e. if the box is as tall as a person, more supplies will be needed and will therefore cost more).